Coach Nelson Aviles: Should I Coach?

Coach Nelson Aviles: Should I Coach?
June 09, 2022 | | 5 min read

If you love teaching, if you love the sport, and you want to be involved in the community, do it. You will make a bigger difference here being able to see the kids every single day than you ever will in any other career. I strongly recommend it.

This was Coach Nelson Aviles response when Carter, from All In, asked him, “Should I coach?” Coach Nelson is just beginning what appears to be a long, coaching career. In fact, last season was his first year coaching for Granbury Middle School for 4 different sports: basketball, football, pole vault, and soccer. 

Although he enjoys different aspects from all of the different sports that he coaches, pole vault is his favorite. Although many see it as just jumping with a stick, it is so much more than that. There is so much that every athlete has to persevere through as they have to make many physical and mental hurdles. Oftentimes, the athlete will have to make critical decisions that is between them and the coach as they try to beat their personal record. 

Today’s All In Takeaway’s are geared towards those asking the question, “Should I Coach?” Hopefully, through the different lessons Coach Aviles has learned as the advice he shares, you will be able to answer this question for yourself. 

All In Takeaway #1: Should I Coach? You will be able to Use Sports as a Metaphor for Life

As Kobe Bryant once said, sports are one of the greatest metaphors for life. Coach Aviles could not agree more. In fact, he just recently took a look at the teacher feedback that his students filled out. Many of them said, “He is a hard teacher.” However, Coach Aviles does not make his classes hard to be mean. 

There are going to be many circumstances in life where you are not going to think that you can’t do it, that are going to be hard, and that you do not want to do. My hope is that you are going to be able to have someone by your side, encouraging you that you can do it. I see a lot of potential in them, even more than they see in themselves.

There are several different instances in coaching, similar to teaching, where he is able to use different situations to help the kids in life. For everyone wondering, “Should I Coach?” remember about the impact teaching your athletes different life lessons will have on them.  

All In Takeaway #2: Should I Coach? You will Build Close Relationships with your Athletes and Parents 

Coach Aviles takes a lot of pride in the relationships he builds as a coach. He is intentional about constantly asking his athletes questions beyond the sport that he is coaching, to help build these bonds. Doing this opens the door for the athletes. That way they know, whenever they are going through something, they are more than welcome to talk to Coach Aviles about it.

However, these relationships are not just one-sided. There have also been instances where both the players and parents have been there for him. For the players, there was a time where his baby was sick at home. Since he has a long commute from practice to his house, he asked his players if he could take work off early. Their response, 

Be there for your son. We will pick up the slack.

For the parents, there have been instances where one of them will walk up and ask, “is everything alright?” For all those wondering, “Should I Coach?” remember about the power having strong two-sided relationships will have for you and the members of the program. 

All In Takeaway #3: Should I Coach? You will Help your Athletes Enjoy their Sport 

Coach Aviles is not a coach who is going to boss his team around. Instead, he wants all of his athletes to find enjoyment in the sport. At the end of the day, playing the sport should be a time of enjoyment and not stress. However, just because he wants his athletes to have fun, does not mean that they are not going to try their hardest. 

This is also a heavy emphasis for Coach Aviles as he wants all of his athletes to find enjoyment in trying their hardest within the sport. For everyone wondering, “Should I Coach?” remember about the value you will bring to the athletes when you are able to help them find enjoyment within their sport.


Currently Coach Aviles is getting ready for another year at Granbury Middle School to coach 4 different sports. As Coach Aviles enters his 2nd year coaching, it will be exciting to see how all 4 teams perform. Go Granbury! 

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