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Individual Team.
$30.00USD per month
$5 for each additional coach
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    Athlete Nutrition
    Unlimited food logs
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    Coaching Points
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    Team Hub
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    Team Calendar
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    Team Messaging
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    Document Sharing
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    In App Athlete Awards
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    Individual Profiles
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    Unlimited users
Multiple Teams.
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Talk to the CEO!
Contact Dre for information on bulk pricing when you sign up multiple programs from your school, league or organization.
Life with All In
Life without All In
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Know the health and weight goal of each one of your players.
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Hope and guess that your players are healthy and lose out on helping them reach their full potential.
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Visually engage with your players to coach them through key moments.
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Continue to give the same feedback over and over and never see results.
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Spread motivation and information easily throughout the team from the palm of your hand.
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Deal with the same culture issue year after year and never get the buy in that you need.
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Team scheduling made easy so everyone is at the right place at the right time.
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Search through multiple calendar apps and rely on the athletes ability to remember their schedule.
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Effective, reliable group and direct messaging that the whole team will enjoy.
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Rely on multiple group chats and continue to have important messages buried and never read.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you provide customer service?
Yes. We are available by call, email or text 24/7.
2. Do you provide product training?
Yes! We offer an unlimited, free, 1 hour All In demo for all coaches or athletes.
3. If I sign up for your monthly plan, can I cancel at any time? When am I billed for the services and will it be prorated?
Yes. You can cancel monthly plans and we prorate.
4. Can I pay month to month?
Annual plans are a better value, but we offer monthly plans as well. See the toggle on the pricing plans above to switch to a monthly pricing view.
5. Can only the team owner pay or upgrade plans for a team?
Yes, only the team owner, or purchaser of the plan, is able to modify plan selection.
6. If I pay annually, will I get a refund if I cancel after my season?
Annual plans are billed one time for 12-months of service. Go with a monthly plan if you want to downgrade in the off-season.
7. What if I'm unable to pay right away?
We understand that budgeting meetings come at a certain time of the year. Contact to quickly get you set up on a plan.