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Motion Offense for Beginners

Motion Offense for Beginners
February 27, 2023 | | 2 min read

Motion offense is a system where players constantly move and interchange positions on the court. Thus making it difficult for defenders to stay with the player they are guarding.

The entire goal of the motion offense is to create open shots for the team by constantly moving the ball and players around the court, using screens and cuts to get open.

The foundational principles of the Motion offense is as follows:

Spacing – players must be spaced out evenly around the court

Movement – Constantly moving to create open passing lanes

Passing – Cutting to the basketball and receiving the pass

A key component to the motion is the use of screens. Players can set screens for each other to create the space and force defenders to switch assignments. In hopes of getting the mismatch that best provides a scoring opportunity.

Another important aspect of the motion offense is the ability to READ AND REACT to the defense. Players MUST be able to recognize when a defender is overplaying them and make the appropriate cuts or passes. IQ is a necessity!

One of the created advantages of the Motion offense is that it can be ran with any combination of players. Size and positioning isn’t as much a factor as some other systems. So it’s a versatile system that can be adapted to fit any teams strengths and/or skill sets.

But again…IQ IS A MUST!! Skill and IQ is needed to run the motion to its most effective form. It takes time and practice to master the timing and spacing required to make this offense work correctly.

The Motion Offense is popular and used by many basketball teams at all levels, ranging from

Youth to professionals It’s a dynamic, flexible system that can create scoring opportunities for all players on the team.

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