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How to Build Team Culture

How to Build Team Culture
February 15, 2022 | Andre Harakas | 3 min read

As a coach, one of your most critical responsibilities is to create and maintain a positive team culture. This culture, or identity, is the bedrock of all successful teams. This culture is your vision or philosophy in action as a coach. When you think about the teams you’ve coached or played on, the team culture was most likely a key factor in their success or failure. So, what are some suggestions for creating a productive team culture?

Expectations and goals that are clear. Clear expectations are one of the most important aspects in leading a team, as I’m sure you know from prior coaching triumphs and disappointments. A basketball coach I know, for example, sets out his ABCs for the squad… Academics, Basketball, Community, and Service are all important. Throughout the season, he makes numerous points for each of these renters. His players are all familiar with the ABCs, and the team’s culture is based on these core concepts.

Make the most of your supporting cast. Develop the team culture by including various members of the team. Team identity may be facilitated by captains, assistant coaches, parents, and others. Delegate to the appropriate member(s) of the team if some responsibilities might be carried on by others. Spreading out the group work will give players and support workers a feeling of ownership. Getting everyone engaged in agreeing on team objectives and expectations over the season may also help with discipline and team bonding difficulties. Everyone must understand their specific job to achieve overall success. For example, assisting a bench player in comprehending the contribution he or she makes during practice or with other chores (as well as assisting others in comprehending the value of that job) may greatly aid dedication to the team. However, keep in mind that you, as the coach, set the tone with your expectations, so make sure your whole supporting cast is on the same page!

Praise the culture you live in. As a coach, make sure you’re applauding the “correct type” of culture. If you respect hard work and give it your all, applaud it when you see it. Praise goal accomplishment in a team context if your team identity is centered on focusing on individual objectives. The “correct sort” of team conduct (based on objectives and expectations) sets the tone for what you anticipate and how the whole team can live out the team culture.

Showcase your cultural heritage. It’s critical to develop real methods to demonstrate your culture. Items like T-shirts with a specific team motto or placards that display a team’s individuality surely foster a sense of belonging and identification. These objects do not have to be expensive, but they must concentrate your team on the aspects of your culture that make it special.

As a coach, it’s critical to establish a positive team culture. Here are some questions to consider as you get ready for the season:

  • What are my team’s aims and expectations?
  • How can I make it easier for my team to provide input as we establish these objectives and expectations?
  • What can I do throughout the season to emphasize these aims and expectations?
  • How can I enlist the help of team members and others to help us build a stronger team culture?
  • What are some methods for the squad to showcase its culture and individuality during the season?
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