Coach Tyrie-Hill Thomas: Helping Athletes Learn & Grow

Coach Tyrie-Hill Thomas: Helping Athletes Learn & Grow
July 20, 2022 | | 4 min read

The first training session turned into many other training sessions; turned into her bringing her friends along; turned into creating a small business and offering training sessions to anyone who wanted a good workout at a fair price.

Playing Division 1 basketball, Coach Tyrie-Hill Thomas has been in love with basketball his entire life. However, it was not until he was student teaching that brought him into the realm of coaching. One day, when he was teaching at a middle school in Southwest Missouri, one of the nurses walked up to talk to him. Knowing how passionate Coach Thomas is about basketball, she asked, 

My daughter wants to make the switch from volleyball to basketball and would love to work with a trainer to improve her skills. Would you be interested in training her?

At first, Coach Thomas was hesitant to accept this offer as he has never coached before. However, after thinking it through, he gladly accepted the offer as this was a great opportunity for helping athletes. Very quickly, one training session turned into two, which eventually led to Coach Thomas becoming a high school assistant varsity Coach. 

However, partway through the high school season, he received an unexpected phone call from a friend at Missouri Baptist University. She told him that they were in need of a GA for the JV team. If he was not able to do this, they were most likely going to cancel the JV season. After interviewing for the position, Coach Thomas was brought on to coach the Women’s JV Team!

Today’s All In Takeaways are around Coach Thomas’s experience as a teacher, trainer, and coach. 

All In Takeaway #1: Helping Athletes Learn & Grow

When Coach Thomas first started coaching for the Missouri Baptist Women’s Basketball Team, he noticed that a lot of them were close to quitting if he did not join. The athletes felt that nobody believed in them or cared enough to help them achieve their goals as student athletes. Helping athletes learn and grow, solidified his passion for coaching college basketball. 

All In Takeaway #2: The Overarching Similarity between a Coach and a Teacher

As an educator, you have to be able to take and manipulate information to a broad range of kids because not everyone learns the same. I was able to combine my educational skills of being a teacher into being a coach.

Coach Thomas was able to quickly identify the overarching similarities between teaching and coaching. At the end of the day, a teacher is trying to teach or reinforce different ideas around a particular topic. This goal is exactly the same as a coach.  

All In Takeaway: #3: Don’t Change your Expectations, Change your Approach

When asked what changes he made coaching throughout multiple levels, Coach Thomas made sure to let one thing be known. He emphasized the importance of not changing your expectations. He expects nothing but the best from all of his athletes. However, everyone’s best is different. Some players’ best is being content with who they are as a player and doing that to the best of their abilities. Some players’ best is constantly striving for more and holding them accountable to that. Coaches, make sure that your approach is in line with the mindset of your athletes!


Coach Thomas is getting ready to enter his 3rd season as the assistant basketball coach for the Women’s Basketball Team at Missouri Baptist University. Go Spartans!

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