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Coach TK LaFleur: Mental Performance in Sports

Coach TK LaFleur: Mental Performance in Sports
July 27, 2022 | | 3 min read

Ultimately, mental performance coaches focus on anything that goes on within sports between the ears.

Coach TK LaFleur’s Story

Ever since she was a kid, Coach LaFleur has been in love with basketball. She would constantly work on her craft trying to improve her game in every area. In high school, she was #5 in her class. Constantly, several top-tier Division I programs would reach out to her. After much thought, she decided to go to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Going into her freshman year, Coach LaFleur felt the pressure of the high expectations everyone had on her. This led to a significant loss in confidence. Ultimately, Coach LaFleur was too hard on herself and did not give herself enough grace as she was not performing at the level that she was used to. On top of that, she was taking classes in pursuit of an electrical engineer major and was really struggling academically.

Thankfully, after her first semester she began to turn things around in school and played better on the court. To finish up her collegiate career, Coach LaFleur transferred to TCU going into her junior year. After college, Coach LaFleur played professionally overseas and in the states for 6 years. Finally, to wrap up her athletic career, she played tackle football for 2 years. 

Life After Playing – Mindset 180 Academy

After playing her second season of tackle football in 2018, Coach LaFleur felt like it was time to stop playing sports professionally. Instead, she wanted to spend more time pouring into her family and kids and let them have their spotlight in the sports world if they choose to do so. During this time, Coach LaFleur decided to spend time focusing on the mental performance in sports. This started with helping out athletes and writing books to help. Click here to check out her book, “Breaking the Silence: Basketball’s Hidden Secrets.” Very quickly, this led to Coach LaFleur working with full teams.

Now, along with being a personal trainer, she is one of the founders of Mindset 180 Academy. Mindset 180 Academy is dedicated towards, “Teaching Athletes how to remove mental barriers so they perform at their best when it matters the most.” They are able to stay true to their mission through working with individuals and teams, in a variety of capacities. For example, they will oftentimes put together individualized 10–12-week programs for teams. Within these programs includes worksheets, games, and other things that a member from the Mindset 180 Academy team helps bring the team through to help the athletes better understand themselves mentally.

Coach LaFleur’s biggest piece of advice for coaches? Grace and Pace. Coaches need to make sure to meet athletes where they are at. Different athletes are going to go through different highs and lows at different times. Thus, it is essential that coaches are able to take a slightly different approach with every athlete. What works with one athlete, may not work with another. Interested in learning more about Mindset 180 Academy? Click here to learn more! 

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