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Coach Marlo Saunders: Shooting in Basketball – Being a Positive Problem Solver

Coach Marlo Saunders: Shooting in Basketball – Being a Positive Problem Solver
July 24, 2022 | | 4 min read

Whenever you are in a slump, you need to put your energy in being a positive problem solver.

Coach Marlo Saunders’ career as an athlete has been a journey to say the least. Oftentimes, he will tell his athletes how he has been at every level as a player on a team: bench player, role player, starter, and star player. Although he is currently well-known for shooting, both as a player and a coach, this was not the case in high school. In fact, Coach Saunders struggled with his shot and became increasingly more frustrated. 

Thankfully, his coach noticed how badly he wanted to improve this aspect of his game. So, he decided to work with Coach Saunders one on one for a couple of weeks, working on his shooting. Throughout this time, Coach Saunders began to tweak some things within his technique and was able to build a great, comfortable, shooting form that he could continue working on. From there, Coach Saunders went on to play in college and professionally overseas, becoming well known for his shooting. After playing overseas, Coach Saunders began coaching travel and high school basketball while also working as a personal trainer for the past 15 years. 

Today’s All In Takeaways are around Coach Saunders’ suggestions when mastering the art of shooting in basketball.

#1 Key to Shooting In Basketball: Get Comfortable

Working with so many athletes, Coach Saunders’ has learned that every athlete is different. Consequently, their path to becoming a great shooter is going to be different. Thus, Coach Saunders’ has been able to meet athletes where they are at. Although traditional approaches for improving shooting in basketball can work, Coach Saunders’ prioritizes making sure the athletes feel comfortable. At the end of the day, if the athlete is not comfortable with their shot, it can be almost guaranteed that their shot will not improve. Coaches, are you making sure that your athlete is comfortable when trying to improve their shooting in basketball? 

#2 Key to Shooting in Basketball: Be a Positive Problem Solver

When asked what advice he gives to athletes in a shooting slump, Coach Saunders said exactly what he would do as a player. This was to KEEP SHOOTING. Even if you are in a slump, it is important that no one else can tell a change in your composure or confidence. Do not put your energy in what you are doing wrong. Instead, put your energy in being a positive problem solver. Generally, athletes are doing one or two things wrong within their shot that become most obvious when they are fatigued. Coaches, make sure to encourage your athletes to become a positive problem solver in the midst of a shooting slump. Mindset is everything. 

#3 Key to Shooting in Basketball: Consistency

Shooting comes down to consistency. Everybody can get on a good shooting streak every once in a while. However, how long can you sustain that level of play? Ultimately, the great shooters are really good at sustaining a high level of accuracy for a long period of time. In order to create consistency, it all starts with repetition. Coaches, remember to remind your athletes of the power of consistency. 


Coach Saunders is the Women’s Assistant Varsity Coach for Hendrickson High School and owner of AIE Elite Training. After turning down several other coaching offers, why has Coach Saunders’ been so content with his position as an assistant for 5+ years? It’s simple. The relationships he is able to build, and lives touched. Being an assistant allows Coach Saunders’ to be much more hands on as a coach and focus on developing his athletes. 

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