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Coach Freddie Zamora: The Assistant to Head Coach Relationship

Coach Freddie Zamora: The Assistant to Head Coach Relationship
July 28, 2022 | | 4 min read

As an assistant coach, I always wanted to be a step ahead of my head coach. If I would ask a question, then I would have it down and never have to ask the same question.

Coach Freddie Zamora started playing basketball ever since he was a kid. After high school, Coach Zamora was blessed to play basketball at the NAIA level. This was all while pursuing a degree in business administration. After college, Coach Zamora worked in sales for a couple of years. Throughout this time, Coach Zamora really missed being away from the game.

One day, he was sitting in his cubicle, not enjoying what he was doing in sales, and thinking about what else he could be doing. Immediately, basketball came to the top of his head. So, he spent the following days emailing as many coaches as possible across the country. After sending out email after email, Coach Zamora received an offer as a GA at Oral Roberts University. From there, Coach Zamora coached at a private Christian School, Owens Community College, and is now the Head Coach for Toledo Glass City, a professional team a part of the TBL.

Today’s All In Takeaway is around Coach Zamora’s perspective on the assistant to head coach relationship. 

All In Takeaway: The Assistant to Head Coach Relationship

Coach Zamora was an assistant for 3 seasons. Working under a great coaching staff, he felt that he was able to learn a lot about the ideal assistant to head coach relationship. As mentioned in the headline quote of the blog, as an assistant, Coach Zamora would always try to be one step ahead. Ultimately, showing the rest of the coaching staff that he can handle the responsibility he has been given. The second emphasis Coach Zamora would make during his time as an assistant, is constantly being a sponge. This means, soaking up all of the new information as quickly as he can, asking questions, and constantly learning and growing himself.

Now that he is a head coach, Coach Zamora feels that he has a better understanding of the relationship he should have with his assistants. For instance, he will constantly give his assistants more responsibility so that they are able to learn and grow. Additionally, he always makes them feel involved in whatever they are doing. Although Coach Zamora would be the first to tell you that he is not perfect at this, he is constantly striving for the ideal assistant to head coach relationship. 


Coach Zamora is the Head Coach of the Toledo Glass City. Coming off a hot season where they were able to make it to the elite eight in a league of 40 teams, All In is excited to see what is in store for Coach Zamora.

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