Coach Curtis Houlder: Coaching for the Right Reasons

Coach Curtis Houlder: Coaching for the Right Reasons
June 01, 2022 | | 5 min read

If you do not really want to be a coach, give someone else the opportunity. Do not do it for the fame, paycheck, or titles.

Coach Houlder has been coaching for over 15 years on several different levels. His passion for basketball started when he was just 5 years old. Even though he has loved the sport his entire life, it was not until he had kids that brought him into coaching. However, once he was able to get a taste of the impact coaching has on people, he has not stopped coaching since.

Along his coaching career, he decided to create a travel basketball program, called the Quiet Storm. Ultimately, he wanted this team to be for the kids who are flying under the radar so that he can help the athletes get the recognition that they deserve. Also, a huge part of Coach Houlder’s mission with Quiet Storm is to help the athletes be successful in life. In fact, STORM actually stands for Strong Tenacious Outstanding Righteous Men. This is the acronym that he teaches every athlete that decides to play for the program. 

Today’s All In Takeaways are around coaching beyond basketball, understanding your why, and Coach Houlder’s keys to building team culture. 

All In Takeaway #1: Coaching for Life Beyond Basketball

Ultimately, basketball can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, basketball may be everything that they think about. For others, basketball is something that they do for fun and so that they can hang out with their friends. Whatever the case may be, Coach Houlder understands that coaching for life beyond basketball can help both of these groups of people. 

Coach Houlder takes advantage of every opportunity he gets to teach a life lesson through basketball, as sports can be one of the greatest metaphors for life. Constantly, Coach Houlder teaches his athletes about the impact that getting a college degree can have in one’s life. Coaches, make sure to coach BEYOND basketball.

All In Takeaway #2: Understanding Your Reason Behind Coaching

Understand your why behind coaching. Do you coach for the wins? Do you coach for the paycheck? For Coach Houlder, he coaches for the love of the game and wanting to make an impact on the lives of the kids. 

Oftentimes, coach Houlder will ask his athletes non-basketball related questions such as: how are your grades? How is your family? Lastly, Coach Houlder loves being a student of the game as he is constantly learning something new. Coaches, before you get into coaching, understand your why. 

All In Takeaway #3: Building Team Culture through Knowing the Parents First

When asked how to build a strong team culture, Coach Houlder made sure to place a heavy emphasis on getting to know the parents first. Why is that? Because those are the people who are raising these kids. Once you have done that, get to know the players. Coaches should try to constantly connect with both the athletes and their parents. Ultimately, the athletes and parents are who is going to help your brand as a coach. 

A perfect example of Coach Houlder caring for the parents is what his athletes do every Mother’s Day. On this day, typically they will be at a basketball tournament. However, part way through the game, he will call a timeout so his athletes can give their mom a rose. Coaches, building relationships with the parents and players is crucial. When you are able to build that trust with the players, they are not only going to learn more about the game, but learn more about life. 

Currently, Coach Houlder is the Head of Quiet Storm Basketball and the Head Assistant Varsity Boys Coach for Archer High School, located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. As Coach Houlder looks to incorporate his “coaching beyond basketball” mindset within every program that he is in, it will be interesting to see how he is able to help both of the teams this upcoming season! Go Archer! Go Quiet Storm!

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