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Coach Corey Brabham: Listen First

Coach Corey Brabham: Listen First
June 17, 2022 | | 4 min read

One thing I regret from my previous years in coaching was that I did not listen first. It was about me, what my goals are, and how I run things. Instead, it should be asking them what they need from a coach.

Coach Corey Brabham grew up loving sports. Instead of watching cartoons, he would watch a sports game or ESPN. This naturally led him to playing a lot of basketball. However, once his playing days were over, Coach Brabham wanted a way to still stay close to the game. Since he is already a teacher, he figured coaching would be a natural fit. 

In just 3 going on 4 seasons, Coach Brabham has moved up throughout the levels rather quickly. His first two years were spent coaching middle school boys. Then, this past season was spent as the Head JV Men’s Coach and Varsity Men’s Assistant at Providence Christian Academy. On top of that, Coach Brabham recently accepted a position as the Head Varsity Women’s Coach at Loganville Christian Academy. To say the least, moving across the levels has taught Coach Brabham a lot about coaching and instilling a strong team culture. 

Today’s All In Takeaways are around building a strong team culture and a story that illustrates why Coach Brabham is so passionate about his profession. 

All In Takeaway #1: Listen First

Through coming into 4 programs for the first time, Coach Brabham has learned a lot about how to build a strong team culture. In years past, the first meeting that he would have with the team, he would talk for most of it and outline what his expectations were. Although this may have worked, Coach Brabham believes that this was not the most effective way to do it. 

In his newest role, he decided to approach his first meeting with the team a little differently. Instead of talking the entire time, he would ask them what they need from a coach. In this, the players felt heard, appreciated, and more bought into the team. In return, Coach Brabham was given everything that he needed in order to be the best coach for the team. Coaches, listening first will help break the natural resistance that players have when accommodating for a new coach. 

All In Takeaway #2: What keeps Coach Brabham Coaching

After Carter from All In asked Coach Brabham why he is so passionate about coaching, he was able to share a quick story. Before one of his seasons started, there was a player who was not planning on playing. Coach Brabham new that this player had a lot of potential, so he encouraged him to play and was able to convince him to join the team. Little did he know, this player was dealing with some off the court issues and him playing basketball, was a huge blessing in his life. Although he did not get a ton of minutes, he was a sponge to everything that Coach Brabham told him and made drastic improvements throughout the entire season. At the end of the season convention, the player’s mom walked up to him and told him, 

Hey, you changed his life. He was going through a lot of things, did not know who he was as a young man, and you helped change his life, and give him a place and home.

Coaches, stories like these should be what makes you excited about coaching. Not the wins or championships but the relationships and impact you can make on the lives of young men and women. 


Coach Brabham is getting ready for the 2022-23 season as the Head Varsity Women’s Coach for Loganville Christian Academy. As their goals, the team put beating their rival school and shooting 75%+ from the free throw line. The All In Team is more than excited to cheer them on as they aim to knock these goals out of the park. Go Loganville!

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